30-Day Sprint

Free self-guided coaching program 

30-Day Sprint


What you can expect:

  • No cost; start immediately or at the beginning of next month
  • 1 email/day with a micro task to help you narrow down your goals and plan clear steps toward attainment
  • Work in a notebook or doc on your own time
  • Example: Day 1: Reflect on your present reality by answering 3 short questions


Who qualifies for the coaching program?

  • Those wanting to reach specific professional or personal short-term goals
  • Those who could benefit from daily bite-sized instructions, reminders, and resources from coaches that are in your corner 
  • Anyone interested in growth mindset and the benefits of coaching

"The writing exercises are nice and I appreciate the motivation for consistency.  It feels a lot different looking at these goals on paper!

Absolutelt enjoying the meditation component!  I have been doing the grateful exercise for a while now since my resolution last year....life-changing....the meditation is similar to exercising in that I have to motivate myself and am grateful after. I have found that meditation has helped me balance how I respond to certain situations."
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Dierdre Beltran

Assistant Vice President, The Greenwood’s State Bank

"The sprint was helpful to keep me focused on daily activities... I will use the daily principles and activities to keep up the focus. Thanks for the insights!"

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Mike Kelley

"I am really enjoying the 30-day sprint.  It has made me think about things I wasted time on (checking out clothes online)  instead of working on positive things, podcasts, etc.  Not only did I waste time on that but spent too much money, so 2 positives have come from my new goal.  😀"

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Betsy Muir

Branch Manager, Wells Fargo

"It got me thinking about how I was running my life and the bad habits that go along with it. Small intentional tweaks make a huge difference."

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Tamara ONeill

Assistant Manager, Triangle Rock Club

"It helped me build some mental muscles I haven’t been able to use. I needed the support."

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Ben Inyang

Business Strategist, Limitless Potentials LLC