Peer Groups

Career-specific confidential peer learning group for problem-solving, sharing best practices, and professional growth 

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Rewire Peer Groups

Rewire Peers Groups

Rewire Peer Groups and Coaching are meant to serve our clients in different ways. Participants can be part of both a Peer Group and one-on-one Coaching if that serves them well.

Rewire Peer Groups

Meet every other week for 6 months with a confidential peer group of 7 role-aligned individuals focused on learning, peer advising, and professional growth.

Gain unbiased advice from those who’ve faced and overcome similar challenges.

Role-specific groups bring together leaders experiencing the same set of challenges and industries.

Guided by a skilled facilitator

Rewire Coaching

Connect with a skilled coach deeply committed to your development and in your corner at all times.

A space to work towards your ideal self without limitations

Focused on the whole person and how personal and work satisfaction overlap and relate

An ongoing experience to tackle hard obstacles as you pursue hard to achieve goals

Why join a Rewire Peer Groups?

Rewire the way you think

With a group of people all doing the same. Learning to still your lizard brain and apply R.E.W.I.R.E  to your work and personal life.

Learn the power of confidentiality

The confidential component of our peer groups creates an environment that unlocks deep and authentic growth of each participant.

Create Relationships Built On Trust & Growth

Because of the nature of our peer groups, we find that these relationships grow into meaningful relationships outside of the time we spend in our meetings.

Be connected to a community

A community that is always in your corner and pushing you to strive to achieve your best self while also being your biggest fan.

How do GroupWires work?

Who are in the GroupWires

Groups meet in groups on seven with a Rewire Specialist facilitating the group. The individuals are based on the group's topics listed below. You can apply for the topic that best fits your scenario or desire


Groups start twice per year in February and August and are a 6-month commitment. At the end of the commitment, participants can renew for another 6-months and stay in their group in they choose.

When and How do we meet?

Groups meet virtually over video conference twice a month, for 90 minutes each meeting

Content of Meetings

Sessions involve a mix of coaching exercised, guiding the discussion. They are structured and follow a format designed for each participant to get the most out of the time.

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Don't see a GroupWire Forum that fits your role? Suggest a new group here

Private groups can be formed. Contact us for more information

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