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How do I setup my payment for Rewire Coaching?

Rewire Coaching payments are set up as a recurring monthly subscription payment. Simple, straightforward, and always aligned with your monthly coaching sessions.

You will be making one monthly payment for your two coaching sessions per month. There is no pre-set engagement term or length; your coaching sessions and payments will simply continue until you are ready to end them.

As you are getting ready to begin your coaching engagement, you will receive a link via email to set up your payment. From there, there are three ways to set it up:

1. Set up your recurring payment through a PayPal account.

Setting your payment up through a PayPal account allows you greater control over managing your subscription. If you need to change your credit card info, for example, all you need to do is log in to your account and make the necessary changes. And if you don't have a PayPal account, it is easy to set one up.

When you click the payment link in your email, you will be taken to the following page (yours may look a little different depending on your browser). Simply use the yellow PayPal button to set up your subscription.


2. Set up your recurring payment without using a PayPal account.

To set up a recurring payment without logging into or using a PayPal account, simply use the same link, but instead, click the grey "Subscribe" button. This will allow you to set up your payment outside of the PayPal system.


3. Set up your recurring payment by calling Rewire.

If you prefer, you can always call Rewire to provide your credit card information over the phone, and we will be happy to set up the recurring payment on our side. Please do not send any credit card information via email (for your protection).

Please call Stephanie Wetherby at 720-507-8755 and she will get you set up.