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What is the Rewire coaching method?

The Rewire coaching method is coaching with the brain in mind, to help clients to generate insight and accomplish goals by transforming their thinking.

Rewire CEO, Steve Scanlon:

Steve's coaching vid

Holistic Approach:

Whatever obstacle you're trying to overcome or improvement you're wanting to see, there are often multiple factors at work. So often in our lives, we see these factors as inhibiting (i.e. it's difficult to be present at home, when life at work is remarkably busy or emotionally taxing). Rewire coaches seek to understand how these factors can influence and even support one another in a positive way.

Inside-Out Motivation:

Willpower is overrated... here's why. Authentic change comes from the inside-out, not from an outside source of accountability. It's common to get down on ourselves for procrastinating during the day or not hitting everything on our "to do" lists. Rather than getting frustrated with our lack of willpower and seeking refuge in external accountability or self-help resources, working with a Rewire coach will offer an outside perspective that enables transformed thinking, leading to cultivating better habits for personal success.

Different thinking = Different results

"You can't solve a problem with the same thinking that created it." Rewire coaches will help you consider alternate perspectives, through which you will approach your solutions differently.

A Partner in Developing Solutions:

We know our clients will be successful when they take ownership of their own solutions. Therefore our role is not to give advice, but to effectively partner with people to unearth strategies unique to their situation.