A disciplined set of skills and the right mindset for resilience and results are critical to becoming a top performer in the real estate industry. We provide you with innovative business strategies and fundamental skills, all while helping you to rewire your mindset for sustainable long-term success in real estate and life.

What is REwire Coaching?

Most Realtors are struggling with how to be an owner of their business instead of just an operator. Building a team, structuring your systems for lead generation and tracking for great follow up, creating business metrics to monitor growth each month, and leveraging your time and focus can combine to create a bit (a lot!) of overwhelm.

At REwire Coaching for Real Estate professionals, we coach you simultaneously from two angles crucial for growth and success in this industry: skillset and mindset.

Our SKILLSET coaching is to help you develop your knowledge on growing your real estate practice, and will focus on specific topics such as goal-setting, database structure, lead generation, tracking and accountability tools, team training, and financial metrics. 

Our MINDSET coaching will help you to understand how your mindset plays a role in every decision and strategy, and to clarify your thinking as you move forward. You will identify how and where you may need to adjust your way of thinking about success and personal and professional growth, and you will  yourself to lean into change and move through the obstacles that have been holding you back.

We will help you raise your awareness of all the moving parts that play a factor in the success and overall joy you can find every day while being a leader in the industry. Only you know what you want your ideal life and business to look like. We can help you get there.

Program Details

LEVEL ONE coaching is for the small team or individual agent with less than five years in the business. Level One consists of a mindset coach taking you one-on-one through the areas you have determined are your biggest hurdles and helping you learn the skills you need to work through them. You will also work with a skillset coach, a top-producing agent active in the industry, who will help you create and build your business foundation and tracking systems while also generating leads and upping your sales game!

LEVEL TWO coaching is for the individual agent with over five years in the industry who already has systems and structures in place, but who may want to grow a team or take their business, team, and sales revenue to the next level. Level Two will provide you with a one-on-one mindset coaching call each month, and a monthly small group skillset call with similar size or larger producers, with our skillset coach facilitating the discussion as you learn from each other.

Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process that will inspire you to maximize your personal and professional potential. By combining best-in-class real estate sales coaching with our unique brand of mindset coaching, REwire Coaching will help you achieve the authentic and sustainable change needed to take your business where you want it to go.


A disciplined set of skills AND the correct mindset are critical to becoming a top performer in the real estate industry.
We provide you with cutting-edge skillset tools and techniques, along with helping you to rewire your mindset for long-term real estate and life success.
Neuroscience Based
Mindset Coaching

We understand if you want to change actions you must first start with the way you think. The science behind how change really happens is at the heart of what we do.

Customized Skillset Coaching
To Meet Your Goals

We start with your desired outcome and work together to build a program to meet those needs.


Best in Class Coaches

All of our coaches are certified through the ICF (International Coach Federation) and have the training and experience in cutting-edge neuroscience-based coaching to ensure you are getting only the best-of-the best coaching available.

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