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Rewire is hiring remote contract ICF certified coaches to give our coaching clients an amazing experience and life-changing conversations.  

Our coaches work as remote contractors from anywhere in the world while meeting with clients every other week for 1 hour over the phone or zoom video conference.  

We are dedicated to developing people by transforming the way they think so they may experience authentic, sustainable change in their work and personal lives while being contagiously engaging and inspiring to those they lead.  We believe that transformed thinking leads to transformed actions and that’s why neuroscience is at the heart of everything we do.


What we’re like

We are fun, quirky, and on purpose. Knowing who we are and wrapping your arms (and mind) around our culture is paramount to the success of this role. We are a cohesive team even though we are dispersed geographically.. We are serious about our work, but we always find time for fun. Rewire’s employees and contractors share a common passion for human and business growth and development even though we are very diverse in our own behavioral patterns. We row in the same direction.


  • You get to work with some really awesome people if we do say so ourselves! We are a group of eclectic, hard working, thoughtful and fun people and we take our purpose of helping people with authentic and sustainable change seriously.
  • We have a strong purpose that we are setting out to accomplish. We are dedicated to developing people by transforming the way they think so they may experience authentic, sustainable change in their work and personal lives while being contagiously engaging and inspiring to those they lead. We believe transformed thinking leads to transformed actions.
  • You will grow personally and professionally. As you promote and deliver a platform that deals directly with human and business potential and growth, it will inevitably rub off on you. The Rewire concepts are becoming increasingly understood and embraced with the recent advances in neurosciences. There is great reason to believe that we are at the right place at the right time and the promotion and delivery of this material could be very rewarding professionally and personally as we get to the tipping point in the coaching industry and in Rewire’s life cycle.
  • You get to be a connector of people. Rewire is quickly becoming a hub for our clients, meaning they often check in with us on the latest and greatest when it comes to topics such as leadership, thriving through change, sales, culture, communication, and habits. This gives us opportunity not only to deliver our products to them but also to connect them with books, articles, and others in our tribe who can serve them. If you are a people person who is a connector, this role is for you.
  • There is an opportunity to have a voice in how Rewire’s business will be molded. This is not a position where we hope to find just a loyal soldier. Growth as a leader and someone who has a voice with the company is a real potential with this role.
  • You will be paid well. Your compensation will be competitive. If this roll is executed with excellence, there is an opportunity for solid financial reward.


What you’re like

  • You are an ICF certified coach. Preferably at the PCC level or above but we are willing to learn more about talented ACC level coaches.  Our favorite accrediting program is the brain based coaching program through the NeuroLeadership Institute.
  • Your default setting is to be proactive, not reactive. This is a position for someone who is comfortable getting out there with confidence, creating relationships, and proactively helping clients achieve authentic and sustainable transformation. To do this job well, you need to take action and have a history of getting things done.
  • You bring strong business development skills. Experience and success in business development and a proven broad network is a requirement of this roll.
  • You have proven successful experience with one-on-one executive coaching. You have been in front of people in both group settings and one-on-one and you’re good at it.
  • You have the ability to work independently.  Self-motivation disciplines are critical for success at Rewire. A candidate currently living in the Baltimore/Washington, Portland, Denver, or Missoula area is ideal but not necessary for the right candidate.
  • You are technologically proficient. Strong working knowledge of basic programs and the web are required. To be specific, knowledge and ownership of a Mac and Mac apps such as Pages, Notes, Google Apps is necessary.
  • You possess soft skills to attain hard results. Skills such as work ethic, verbal tone, proficient writing and communicating, joyful disposition yet tenacious in follow up, and ownership mindset are all critical for success at Rewire.
  • You practice what you preach. Willingness to practice our craft and not just facilitate it is necessary for the authenticity that our clients deserve. This includes buy-in to Rewire’s purpose and core values.
  • You’re coachable. You have an open spirit and a posture towards learning and development.


What a day in the life in this role is like

  • You will set how many clients you have
  • You will do fit calls with prospective clients
  • Client calls will be every other week on a recurring basis
  • You will have an amazing team supporting you
  • This will be an independent contract job
  • You will learn our coaching process

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