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Passionate about helping people authentically lead and live with purpose
Experience Highlights
  • Coaches top performers in the military, nonprofit sector, and small business/executive space
  • Trains individuals and organizational leaders in an International Coach Federation training program.
  • Certified by the International Coach Federation
Her Background

Brenda Niemeyer is passionate about people and views them through a lens of immense worth, value and AMAZING potential. This passion has led her on a unique and adventure-filled journey that is characterized by a consistent theme of high impact and making a difference, whether in an orphanage in the hills of Monterrey, Mexico, or through her work with high level executives and business owners or the best of the best in the military. Brenda worked in the nonprofit sector for 14 years with the bulk of that time being spent creating a global network of organizational focused service opportunities. Shortly after transitioning out of the nonprofit world, she began training as a coach and an entrepreneur. She has since started multiple businesses, each designed to create sustainable change and opportunity for a wide range of clientele.

Brenda grew up in a small coastal community in Oregon and obtained her Bachelors of Science degree from Multnomah University. High capacity and endlessly curious, Brenda is a life-long learner with a deep interest in coaching, business, and anything that aids in the development of people and organizations.

Brenda thoroughly enjoys the outdoors and is grateful that life in Montana means it is literally a step out the door. A few favorite things are days at the lake with her family, kayaking, hiking, biking or snowshoeing. If you come this way, bring your bear spray. This is truly the great outdoors!

Her Philosophy

She is all in on helping you get where you want to go. Her approach focuses on what you want to do, and who you want to be in the process so you can move toward success and fulfillment instead of success or fulfillment. In life situations, people often try to speak into the lives of others what they think someone needs to hear or do.

In a coaching relationship, you will enter into the adventure of uncovering what you know you need in order to be at your best. You are the expert on you. You have a purpose and it aligns with your passion. Coaching can help you get clear on how to bring it all together so you can live life with intentionality. As habits, mindsets, and patterns are explored you will quickly begin to recognize what is helpful or not helpful, so you can move forward with power and purpose in your life and career.