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Build A Strong Leadership Team

Your company is only as good as its people.

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Mission Clarity

Help your leaders develop a shared leadership framework and directional clarity for greater organizational focus and effectiveness.

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Better Communication

Every communication, from departmental memos to daily emails to interactions in the breakroom, has the power to impact the direction of the company. Make sure it impacts for the better.

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Talent Management

Your leaders are a high leverage point for retaining and developing the talented contributors you want to keep in your organization.

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Strategy & Productivity

Hone the high-level skills your leaders need in order to lead their teams to exceed your company's goals.

What to Expect From The Leadership Program

Icon - Vision and Goal Setting

Vision & Goal Setting

Individual learning modules are chosen to support the desired outcomes for both leadership and the participants in the program.

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The course schedule is set, the facilitator connects individually with each participant, and participants take the leadership assessment.

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We have a live (or virtual if need be) half-day kick-off for the group to get the program under way.

Icon - Building Momentum

Building Momentum

The program includes two group sessions per month with coursework, and one optional 30-minute individual coaching session per month per participant.

Icon - Finishing Strong

Finishing Strong

All the training in the world is useless if we don't act on it. We close the program by planning how to execute on what we've learned and how to continue to grow and develop as leaders.

Ready to Start the Change?

Getting started is easy! Transform your organization and learn how to change mindsets and empower your employees.

The Leadership Program FAQs

Who is the program for?

The leadership program is for emerging leaders who need to build their leadership skills, for experienced leaders who want to continue to expand their leadership toolbox, and for leadership teams who would benefit from developing shared leadership frameworks and practices in order to elevate their effectiveness.

What is the individual time commitment?

The Leadership Program will have a half day course kick-off, with a second 90-minute session in month one, and then two 90-minute sessions per month for months two through six. There will be between-session readings and assignments, and each participant may take advantage of one 30-minute coaching session per month.

How many people can go through a program at a time?

The Leadership Program is designed for 10-15 people at a time, to facilitate engagement by every participant and to keep the focus of the group tight.

Personal and Professional Growth

"Great program, blessed to be part of it. The material that we have covered is amazing for someone that is looking to grow. It has helped me in my business and with my family."

- Daniel Estrada, Leadership Program Participant