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Workshops and keynotes designed to empower your entire team toward greater growth, for themselves and for the company

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Interactive workshops designed to help participants formulate new ideas and new strategies, and then to apply that training to their work for the benefit of your organization.

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Keynote speeches delivered by expert and engaging speakers who share applicable, real-world experiences to help your attendees expand their thinking.

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Impactful getaways to simultaneously reward hard work and continue to develop new skills for further growth.

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Online meetings or webinars where ideas, techniques, and strategies can be shared for best-practice discovery and greater results for your organization.

Whether online or in person, we make each event actively engaging to enhance stickiness of information learned. Your team should not only enjoy the event but also retain the information presented so they can apply it toward your company’s greater organizational goals.

LIVE In-Person

Our in-person events can be 20-30 Minute TED-type talks, 1-hour educational presentations, 90-180 minute workshops, or half-day, day-long or multi-day workshops or retreats.

LIVE Online

Our online workshops can be 1-hour educational presentations, 90 to 180-minute workshops, or multi-session training modules with structured exercises between sessions.

All LIVE Online events are provided via Rewire’s Zoom platform.

Catalog of Events

  • Stay Mentally and Emotionally Strong
  • Remote Work Rewired
  • Future Proof
  • Coaching Skills for Leaders
  • Thriving Through Change
  • Better Communication, Better Teams
  • EQ Applied
  • Actual Implementation for Leaders
  • Business Planning Rewired
  • You Are Here: Life Planning
Stay Mentally and Emotionally Strong

You'll Walk Away With:

  • Tools for adapting to an uncertain future
  • Strategies for maintaining mental and emotional strength and resilience
  • Things you can do to boost your mind-body connection for the benefit of both
Remote Work Rewired

You'll Walk Away With:

  • A greater understanding of how your brain naturally reacts to stark changes like having to make the seismic shift from office to home
  • Ideas for how to make your home environment work for rather than against your creativity and productivity
  • Ways to build structure into your day in order to put your brain in the right state for getting good work done
  • Strategies for connecting and thriving with remote work
Future Proof

You'll Walk Away With:

  • An understanding of what neuroscience says about how we are wired to think in times of crisis
  • A better picture of the middle ground between under-reacting and over-reacting
  • Four specific skills to increase your effectiveness
  • Science-based strategies to apply in times of uncertainty
Coaching Skills for Leaders

You'll Walk Away With:

  • Key principles about the brain that will give you the scientific groundwork for a coaching approach (and an understanding of why feedback can be so hard to give and receive)
  • A model for Active Listening
  • A model for moving through a coaching conversation, from creating a vision to taking ownership over next steps
  • A model for giving brain-friendly feedback
Thriving Through Change

You'll Walk Away With:

  • A useful paradigm to understand how the human minds works for our survival but often against our growth
  • A practical toolkit for not only recognizing our brain's existing wiring, but also learning to work with it to make ourselves more effective
  • Ways to translate positive changes in your work to your personal life and vice versa
Better Communication, Better Teams

You'll Walk Away With:

  • An understanding of the connection between motivation, communication, and behavior
  • An overview of the DiSC model of communication and motivation
  • Ideas for applying the model to your world and how you interact with others for greater effectiveness
EQ Applied

You'll Walk Away With:

  • An understanding of what Emotional Intelligence is and what it does for you and the people around you
  • Six strategies for improved EI and how to sustain it
  • The powerful tools of Metacognition and UPR
  • Structured assignments for building your EI in the real world
Actual Implementation for Leaders

You'll Walk Away With:

  • The four challenges you'll have to proactively address for yourself as a leader and for your people in execution
  • Five research-backed approaches for driving actual implementation
  • Two personal development practices to help you shorten the distance between vision and action
Business Planning Rewired

You'll Walk Away With:

  • A concrete understanding of what's going on in your brain when you do business planning
  • A helpful framework for what makes a successful business plan
  • Mindset-based strategies for executing on your business plan
  • A powerful tool to walk you through all of the above
You Are Here: Life Planning

You'll Walk Away With:

  • Greater knowledge of what happens in the brain when we make plans, and the psychology of planning
  • Ways to reduce stress and anxiety, giving you you the ability to think more creatively and productively about how to move forward
  • Techniques for evaluating your past, staying present in the current reality, and reframing what's possible for the future
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RewireLIVE FAQ's

Who are these for?

Rewire Live events are for everyone! You can arrange for a keynote for your entire company, a workshop or retreat for a small select group of leaders, or anything and everything in between. We work with groups of all sizes, at all levels of the company.

Can we customize your content to better fit our team?

We can absolutely adjust our programming to meet the specific needs of your team. We will stay in our own lane, so to speak, but we always work with leadership to make sure we deliver the best possible event for your team/company.

What is the cost?

The cost varies widely depending on the type of event and what your specific needs are.

What Clients Are Saying

Roseburg Forest Products

Without hesitation, we recommend Rewire as bringing an ongoing, bottom-line value to any organization. I have seen how their services have brought high impact to individual leaders and their organizations. What this means to us is that we have a consistent, unified message being cascaded into the entire organization at once, with follow-up steps tailored to heighten the value through various levels of the organization. We were clearly impressed, but, even more, we have clearly seen the immediate, positive impact, and are now looking to build on that.

Kellye Wise
Vice President of Human Resources and Labor
Keller Williams Realty Southwest – Las Vegas

I was most impressed with the information you led us through on Wednesday. I was left with the idea "This is a game changer -- this is a new way to communicate and learn from others." I have a Graduate Degree in Educational Psychology, but from a long time ago. But what you shared brought it all back in a new light and challenged my thinking and how to integrate this new information into my perception of my work.   

Very good and very helpful.  I have already shared what I have learned with 4 others, and the day isn't over yet! 

Paul Humphries
Operating Principal
Wells Fargo

I wanted to reach out to you personally to say thank you for everything you brought to the table today. In my 15ish year sales career (mainly automotive) I’ve been in a lot of seminars and sat through a lot of classes, none of them even come close in comparison. Your demeanor, the way you present the material, and simply what you had to say was absolutely fantastic. Thank you very much.

Thomas Gustin

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