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Sustainable growth from the inside out.
Experience Highlights
  • Diverse experience working in the United States, Latin America, Africa, and New Zealand.
  • Developed the nation’s first accelerated leadership development program for the highly specialized, high-risk area of wildland firefighting and emergency management.
  • Over 700 hours of coaching clients across at all levels in the private sector, government, and non-profit.
Her Background

Laura has been facilitating the development of leaders for nearly 20 years. Her career began internationally as a conservation biologist working on some of our world’s most pressing environmental challenges. She quickly realized the solutions to these challenges were so difficult because they required real (and sometimes radical) change in the mindsets and behaviors of everyone involved. From that point on, she became a student and teacher of how to make that change easier – from the depths of the Amazon River basin to the halls of Capitol Hill.

In working with clients, Laura blends her knowledge of systems change, adult development, and mindfulness. She has trained with leading researchers in these fields at MIT and Harvard. She is passionate about helping her clients become more effective at creating lasting, meaningful change in all areas of their life. With 8 years of coaching under her belt, there is still nothing more rewarding to her than to witness the moment when a client finally “gets” their potential. 

Born in Colorado and raised in Arizona, Laura holds undergraduate degrees in Biology and Spanish from Arizona State University. She graduated from Victoria University in New Zealand with a Masters in Development Studies.

Laura and her eight-year old French Bulldog now call Atlanta home. She still has a passion for all things nature. She’s fallen in love with the Southeast and spends her free time swimming, biking, and running through the beautiful landscape.

Her Philosophy

Laura strikes a balance with helping her clients create the inner shifts necessary for change and the external actions to back them up. Her strength is working with her clients to challenge the beliefs, assumptions, and fears that get in the way of the things that they most desire. She is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Co-Active Professional Coach (CPCC) and also certified to administer The Leadership Circle Profile™ 360-degree assessment.