Dan Deka


Hometown | Hawaii

Current | Salt Lake City, UT


Keynotes, Workshops, Retreats, Coaching

Dan Deka

Dan grew up in Hawaii surfing.  His love for surfing continues in his coaching practice as he works with clients to help them catch and ride the waves that come in their career. Things like:

  • Clarifying values and goals 
  • Identifying the mental models and thinking that helps or hinders progress 
  • Creating alignment between their deepest held values with their thinking, feelings, actions and results

All with the goal of helping clients become what they want to become.  

Dan’s 22-year career in human resources and consulting spans the field from employee relations, performance management, organizational design, change management, and employee engagement to leadership and executive development. He has cultivated this expertise working with diverse companies like Packard Bell, Wells Fargo, Capital One, RealNetworks and Micron Technologies. He continues to consult with organizations to improve employee engagement at the individual, team and organizational level. In addition to his coaching and consulting work, Dan serves his church by doing leadership development in over 100 countries.

Dan loves being with people during the quiet, sacred and challenging times of transition in their lives.  He considers it a privilege and an honor to work with clients as they refine their goals, work through their mental models and chart their own personal course to become what they want to become.  

Dan is currently on an extended tour of the western half of the United States with his wife Kipp, working and coaching and exploring beautiful places to discover the next place to drop anchor and plant some deep roots.