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What We Believe:

We believe in the American ideal of “liberty and justice for all” as the ultimate expression of a good and moral society.

We believe that currently our nation is failing to live up to this very ideal it has established for itself and we know that this failure translates into an inauthentic and unsustainable state of affairs for our individual communities at home, at work, and for the nation as a whole.

Just as individuals are intrinsically capable of doing the hard work of authentic and sustainable change, so too are cultures, organizations and communities. At Rewire, authentic and sustainable change is the very reason we exist. As a coaching organization we are engaging in the work of bringing about that level of change for individuals and on a broader scale, not only through how we act but also how we think.

We believe that the lives of black people matter and that injustice based on skin color is unacceptable. We stand against this injustice and acknowledge that authentic change requires bolder responses from us. Rewire can and will improve in this area.

What We Commit To Doing:

In order to be an organization of inclusivity, we have to do the work of listening and learning to become a stronger and more active ally to marginalized communities. In order to be a meaningful part of the solution, we commit ourselves to the following actions:

  • Providing a safe space for our team members and partner coaches to better understand the topics of diversity, equality and inclusivity to combat racism.
  • Seeking out, amplifying and making space for diverse voices in our industry, in our services and in our company.
  • Engaging others to teach us and ask us hard questions about race and justice.
  • Listening and learning so that we can hear the voices pointing us in the direction of needed change, and so we can challenge the complacencies in our own thinking.

We may make mistakes as we commit ourselves to this process, but we will continue taking steps in the right direction now and as long as the Rewire community exists, in a determined pursuit of liberty and justice for all.