"Rewires approach is fresh, real-world stuff that has absolutely had a positive impact on our organization and our people"

Workshop Topics

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Time  Only have 60 to 90 minutes but want your audience to have a relevant, powerful message around change, leadership, and thinking? Then a keynote is right for you.

Audience Our keynotes are a perfect fit for an annual meeting, large conference or end of the year celebration to build connectedness.

Group Size Designed for large audiences with a minimum of 100 people

Style  Inspiring teaching expressed through engaging the audience

End Result  Inspirational, Engaging, Thought-provoking, Action-oriented 


Time If you have more time workshops could be a better fit.  These usually are between 3 and 4 hours.

Audience Workshops are ideal for companies and groups looking for a more in-depth and personalized experience.

Group Size Designed for smaller audiences to maximize the ability to interact.

Style Creates experiential learning through interaction and a hands-on method to the material.

End Result Deep connectivity with material, clear path forward, implementation focus



Workshops are designed for hands-on training of teams of under 100 people. We spend time not just teaching the concepts of Rewire put also putting them into practice. Our workshops are ideal for organizations that want to invest in the development of their team members.

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Workshop Topic

Workshop Topics

Thriving Through Change

How our brains highjack us from making positive change and what to do about it.  In this workshop, we will go deep into how our brains affect our ability to change and how to thrive in changing environments.

Rewired Strategic Planning

This workshop is designed for leadership teams to plan and grow their organization.  We will not just do strategic planning but prepare for how the organization will respond to the newly defined goals and how to support individuals through the changes.

The Mindfulness Advantage for Work and Life

Mindfulness is the foundation of all inner change. This introduction to the practice of mindfulness includes a survey of the latest science-based data on how mindfulness can help you in your role at work and in the community. The workshop also helps you get started creating a sustainable and impactful home-based or workplace mindfulness program to be happier, healthier, and more productive.

DiSCs and Lizards

This workshop starts with the participants taking an online DiSC assessment ahead of the scheduled workshop.  A DiSC assessment is a non-judgmental behavioral tool used for discussion on people's behavioral differences.  In the workshop, we will take the group through understanding their own assessment and how the different people work best as a team.  We also teach how our DiSC and Lizard Brain overlap.

Leader as Coach

The hardest transition most managers have is going from being a top performer to leading a team.  This workshop teaches managers how to lead through coaching conversations and support in order to thrive in their role. It is designed to add value to new and seasoned managers by teaching them brain-based conversation skills to apply to their teams right away.

Future Proof

The future is coming, and with it comes a whole lot of the unknown. The world is changing almost daily, and the uncertainty surrounding those changes can be overwhelming. This workshop is focused on developing the mindset and skills for resilience and results in this ever-changing world we live in. Build your skills and resources to proof your business or team against any disruption that lies ahead.

What our Workshop clients are saying

"Their approach is fresh, real world stuff that has absolutely had a positive impact on our organization and our people. They’ve made us better, helped our people change in positive ways and I believe to a person I employees are most appreciative of our relationship with Rewire."

CEO Cherry Creek Mortgage

"I would absolutely recommend Rewire to your organization. I mean this when I say they are an abundant source of “brain power” who can help your teams think about approaches to challenges in a totally different way. They are a wealth of knowledge"

VP of Sales Excellence Suntrust Mortgage

"I feel much more empowered to achieve my career goals! Jason has helped me embrace the reality that success is achieved incrementally through consistent, focused and strategic action. "

Coaching Client Comany


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