We help people Rewire the way they think so they can Re-think the way they work & live

Transformation From The Inside Out


Providing groups the opportunity to go experientially into tools that will transform your work and culture

Rewire Retreats

A customized 3-day learning experience that gathers growth-minded people from around the country to authentically transform our approach to business


Rewire’s event speakers give talks that engage the mind and get people thinking and talking together

OneWire Executive Coaching


One-on-one, customized business mentoring platform for working with a Rewire consultant

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Business Management Consulting & Coaching

Develop your talent and that of your employees using highly effective techniques that ‘rewire’ your minds and foster positive change. Rewire the way you and your employees think about work so you grow as individuals and in turn grow your business.

Over the past three years, Rewire has helped over 60 companies and their employees reach their higher potential with our business management consulting. Our one-one-one corporate coaching, business workshops and corporate keynotes can bring you and your business to new levels of success.


Rewire is honored to be named one of Entrepreneur magazine’s “Top 360 Privately-owned Companies.” Entrepreneur gives these rankings based on their evaluation of a company’s leadership, growth, culture, and impact in the market. Rewire is grateful to be able to offer our services to growth-minded clients and proud to be recognized in this way!

Rewire Your Business with Our Transformative Executive Coaching & Consulting Concepts

We know what it takes to transform thinking into action and authentically grow your business. Our leadership coaching and consulting will help you become a company where employees thrive and transform into champions of growth and positive change.

Lizard brain

This is Rewire’s revolutionary paradigm for driving positive change for people. The lizard brain allows us to identify and explain why people struggle to make changes — even positive ones!


Mindfulness is rapidly emerging as a tool to boost productivity, reduce conflict, and find meaning in our work. Rewire is at the leading edge of applying mindfulness practices in the workplace.


From CEOs to entry-level workers, people that communicate effectively get to their growth goals faster. We help people gain momentum and reduce stress by communicating with excellence.

Emotional Intelligence

EQ has been shown to play a larger role in professional success than IQ. Our programs help individuals and teams grow and leverage their Emotional Intelligence to drive growth.


Good leaders are the catalysts for transforming culture and delivering people’s best performance. We work with leaders on key drivers of their success like Mission, Vision, Alignment, and Execution.

Sustainable business growth

Our clients don’t settle for short-term gains or surface solutions, so we deliver growth dynamics that are sustainable and authentically connected to our client’s vision for their work and life.

I would absolutely recommend Rewire to another organization. Their approach is fresh, real world stuff that has absolutely had a positive impact on our organization and our people. They’ve made us better, helped our people change in positive ways… I’ve engaged with a number of different firms over the years in an effort to help our people grow and by far, Rewire has made the most lasting difference.

Jeff May

CEO, Cherry Creek Mortgage company

A few of the Companies we work with

Wells Fargo
Under Armour
Cherry Creek Mortgage Company

We help people Rewire the way they think so they can Re-think the way they work and live