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"Rewire has helped me embrace the reality that success is achieved incrementally through consistent, focused and strategic action."

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What is coaching?

Coaching is defined as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. (International Coach Federation)

Let's start with what coaching is not...

When you think of a coach, who do you think of? A basketball coach you had when you were a kid, a manager telling you what to do, or maybe even a financial adviser telling you how to invest your money.  Because of these natural identifiers, it can sometimes make it confusing to understand what a coach is.   A coach doesn't focus on your past (therapist), tell you how to solve a problem (consultant), and is not someone with more experience in your role. (mentor). 

What coaching is at Rewire...

We coach from a state of curiosity in order to ask powerful questions that facilitate your thinking, to help you create a solution-focused outcome.  By doing so, we are using neuroscience to help you unlock your own knowledge of how to move forward and create your ideal future, self, and achievements.

What you can expect from coaching with Rewire... 

Your coaching will start by getting a clear understanding of who you are through an evidence-based assessment and self-reflection.  Based on this, you will move into setting focus areas or goals to drive the conversation with your coach. Throughout your time with your coach, you will experience self-directed learning, conversations that are solution focused, and be stretched beyond your normal way of thinking.

Rewire's Coaching Methodology

All that we do at Rewire is rooted in neuroscience so that we can create authentic, sustainable change for the people we interact with.  We do this through the science of resilience, creating a towards state, and helping people increase their self-awareness.

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Their approach is fresh, real world stuff that has absolutely had a positive impact on our organization and our people. They’ve made us better, helped our people change in positive ways and I believe to a person our employees are most appreciative of our relationship with Rewire.


, Under Armour, Leadership Development

I feel much more empowered to achieve my career goals! Jason has helped me embrace the reality that success is achieved incrementally through consistent, focused and strategic action.


Coaching Client

I would absolutely recommend Rewire to your organization. I mean this when I say they are an abundant source of “brain power” who can help your teams think about approaches to challenges in a totally different way. They are a wealth of knowledge.


Suntrust Mortgage, VP of Sales Excellence