Edie Raphael, PhD


Hometown | Pittsburgh, PA

Current | Baltimore, MD


Keynotes, Workshops, Retreats, Coaching

Edith "Edie" Raphael, PhD

Dedicated to helping people be happier and more productive.

Experience Highlights
  • 3 years of coaching experience with Rewire
  • Brain-Based Certified coaching certificate through the NeuroLeadership Institue
  • MA and PhD (1994 and 1999 University of Virginia) Sociology Adjunct Faculty at Towson University and Case Western Reserve University
  • Author of The Art of Being Present: Mindfulness for Work and Life (late July 2018, Red Lizard Press) and Mussar Yoga (2014, Jewish Lights Press).
  • Founder of Off the Grid Yoga and Camping Retreats

Her Background
She has a Certificate from The NeuroLeadership Institute in Brain-Based
Coaching and is working to complete the requirements to be an Associates
Certified Coach (ACC) recognized by the International Coaching

Edie hails originally from Pittsburgh, PA and lives in Baltimore, MD with two
teenagers, three cats and two fish all of whom seem bent on destroying the
house, one way or another. She teaches yoga and gives back to the
community by volunteering in non-profit leadership

Her Coaching Philosophy
Edie has been promoting and teaching mindfulness for over twelve years
and she emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and non-judgment
in the pursuit of any type of authentic success. Edie is committed to helping
her clients with the big questions and life goals as well as the smaller (day-
to-day) challenges. As Edie’s client expect to turn over big rocks and find
yourself creating new and more helpful internal dialogue.