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People Developers


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Our Mission

We are dedicated to developing people by transforming the way they think so they may experience authentic, sustainable change in their work and personal lives while being contagiously engaging and inspiring to those they lead. We believe transformed thinking leads to transformed actions

Authenticity addresses our belief that truth and transparency are the gateways to positive transformation.

Sustainability is about our long-term, counter-cultural approach to growth. Breaking patterns and creating new ones takes time and effort.

Change is because we believe that every human being is innately designed to get better. Old dogs can and should learn new tricks. We help people tangibly change to get where it is they want to go in business and in life.

Driving sustainable, authentic results in these companies

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"Their approach is fresh, real world stuff that has absolutely had a positive impact on our organization and our people. They’ve made us better, helped our people change in positive ways and I believe to a person I employees are most appreciative of our relationship with Rewire."

Leadership Development Under Armour

"I would absolutely recommend Rewire to your organization. I mean this when I say they are an abundant source of “brain power” who can help your teams think about approaches to challenges in a totally different way. They are a wealth of knowledge"

VP of Sales Excellence Suntrust Mortgage

"I feel much more empowered to achieve my career goals! Jason has helped me embrace the reality that success is achieved incrementally through consistent, focused and strategic action."

Coaching Client