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We are on a mission

We are dedicated to developing people by transforming the way they think so they may experience authentic, sustainable change and growth in their work and personal lives while being contagiously engaging and inspiring to those they lead. We've observed, and science has proven, that transformed thinking leads to transformed actions.


Authenticity addresses our belief that truth and transparency are the gateways to the  transformation organizations seek.


Sustainability is about our long-term, counter-cultural approach to growth. Breaking patterns and creating new ones takes time and effort, but oh is it worth it!.


Change and Growth are because we believe that every human being is innately designed to get better. Old dogs can and should learn new tricks. We help people tangibly change and grow to get where it is they want to go in business and in life.

The Rewire Method of coaching

Our work here at Rewire is backed by the latest neuroscience and is rooted in human behavior. We've observed that people do not like being told what to do. In fact, our clients often come to us already knowing what to do to move forward, but have a hard time actually doing it. Sound familiar? Our best-in-class ICF certified coaches do not tell our clients what to do (Google will do that for free!). Instead we use the latest brain-based, towards mindset coaching techniques that increase self awareness and uncover the cause of what is holding people back. Then we adeptly facilitate our clients' moving freely toward experiencing the growth that they have been seeking. The results that our clients achieve are literally off the charts (see many of their testimonials below). If you're looking for those kind of results for your organization, keep reading.


No old school motivation here! It just doesn't work anyway. Our coaches and facilitators have been trained in brain-based coaching techniques using the latest neuroscience available. These techniques continue to produce results that our clients are seeking. Neuroscience is to coaching what Moneyball is to the game of baseball. It's different than the norm and it just plain old works!

Towards Mindset

Positive inquiry, proper agenda placement, and 100% belief that our clients can and will achieve the results they are looking for are just some of the ways we ensure our clients stay far away from the guilt, shame, or jealousy that can creep into other coaching methods. We facilitate our clients facing forward towards what's going on through the windshield instead of what happened in the rear view mirror. Oftentimes, Rewire is brought into a company specifically for our towards mindset coaching as leaders tire of accountability-based coaching that has worn them out.


The more individuals learn about themselves and understand how they can best and most efficiently engage those around them, the faster they will be able to get where it is they are looking to go. To this end we spend time on personality, 360, and team assessments during our coaching engagements. As the iceberg model to the left illustrates, we facilitate emotional understanding and learning how the brain works while engaging our clients, helping them think differently in order to behave in a way that ultimately leads to the results they are seeking.

Driving sustainable, authentic results in these companies

What makes Rewire different?

  • Neuroscience based mindset coaching
  • We don't tell you what to do but believe you already know
  • Best-in-class coaches, speakers, and facilitators
  • We passionately care about our clients and serving others
  • We go beyond the numbers and regularly dive into purpose
  •  Challenged by keeping science in all that we do
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Their approach is fresh, real-world stuff that has absolutely had a positive impact on our organization and our people. They’ve made us better, helped our people change in positive ways and I believe the people I employees are most appreciative of our relationship with Rewire.


CEO, Cherry Creek Mortgage

I would absolutely recommend Rewire to your organization. I mean this when I say they are an abundant source of “brain power” who can help your teams think about approaches to challenges in a totally different way. They are a wealth of knowledge


VP of Sales Excellence, Suntrust Mortgage

I feel much more empowered to achieve my career goals! Jason has helped me embrace the reality that success is achieved incrementally through consistent, focused and strategic action.


Coaching Client

It was refreshing to see and hear an approach to personal and professional development based on the application of science. Learning the “why” surrounding human behaviors and the brain functions that contribute to them was such a great approach. 


Transaction Manager, Universal Lending